3 AI Tools To Level Up Your Next Forum Meeting

Forum meetings are an excellent way for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to collaborate and share their expertise. However, organizing a successful mastermind meeting can be challenging. And on top of that, members are often taking on roles within the Forum that they would never do in their own business due to privacy concerns of the meeting. Fortunately, there are several AI tools available that can help you to level up your mastermind meetings. Here are three AI tools that can take your mastermind meetings to the next level:

LetsDrive.io – Transcribe Your Meetings in Real-Time

One of the biggest challenges of organizing a mastermind meeting is keeping track of all the ideas and feedback that are shared. LetsDrive.io is an AI tool that can help you with this task. LetsDrive.io uses natural language processing (NLP) to transcribe your meeting in real time. This means you can focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes. After the meeting, LetsDrive.io generates a transcript of the meeting that you can use to review the key points and action items. With a meeting transcription, you could automatically capture each section of a meeting and have it recorded for everyone to see.

GPT for Google Sheets and Docs

Anyone in a Forum long enough knows that Parking Lots get filled with an endless stream of current and prior challenges. Using that data is often a difficult task left to each person and sometimes their Deep Dive coach. Enter GPT for Google Sheets and Docs. Once you install this plug-in, you can use it to analyze your Parking Lot in various ways. Here are a few prompts I tried on mine:

=GPT(“list the most common negative terms used during 2022”)

=GPT(“what is the word count usage for each of these words, family, friends, self, community, work”)

AICoachbud.com – Your Personal Motivational Coach in Your Pocket

The best Forums have a robust system to set up, monitor, and record monthly goals for everyone on the team. However, sadly, most only set goals at the meeting and then never look at, or follow up on those goals, until the next meeting. Any coach will tell you that that type of system will lead to failure. Goals need to be looked at regularly and with someone pushing you on the days you don’t want to get out of bed. AICoachBud is your daily motivational coach for your Forum. From their website “Studies show that publicly committing your goals to someone gives you a 65% chance of completing them. However, having a specific accountability buddy increases that success rate to 95%.” At your next meeting, no only should you have a goals accountability buddy, but everyone in the group should also sign up for AiCoachBud.com

AI tools are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to level up your Forum meetings. With the help of tools like LetsDrive.io for real-time transcription, GPT for Google Sheets and Docs for analysis, and AICoachBud.com for personal coaching, you can make your forum meetings more efficient, productive, and motivating. By incorporating these AI tools into your mastermind meetings, you can free up more time to focus on collaboration and creative problem-solving, which is the essence of any successful forum. So why not give these AI tools a try and take your mastermind meetings to the next level?