Setting Up Goal Buddies Within Your Forum

We all know that the more times you see a goal, the higher your chance of achieving that goal. That is why experts say to check in with your goals as often as possible to stay on track.

The sad reality, however, is that many forum members don’t look at their goals until the next meeting. Then at the meeting, they forgot that they even said to go and get a read for it not being done. Not only is this demotivating. It is also ineffective.

There is a better way. However, it has to do with setting up Goal Buddies within your forum.

A gold buddy is someone that you meet with consistently in between the monthly forum meetings. Some goal buddies meet once a week, others meet daily, and others use a morning check-in process. The key is to meet with this person between meetings and check in on your goals.

You can rotate the goal buddies every month, every quarter, or every year. I think every quarter is the best option.

To set up the goal buddies, there are some effortless matching tools, like Random Pair Generator, that will randomly assign the partners.

The Forums that have implemented goal buddies drastically see an increase in the completion of goals from meeting to meeting.