4 Ways To Increase Engagement Between Meetings

A common issue I hear with forums is that the energy, motivation, and accountability die down as soon as the monthly meeting is over.

The best forums use several different tactics to keep the engagement going between meetings. Here are four of my favorites:

  1. Group chat – set up a group chat on either WhatsApp, Signal, or txting. As I wrote about this prior, use this chat to update each other on your goals and any personal fun things happening in your life. Try to avoid using the chat for logistical topics related to the meetings.
  2. 24-hour action item – at the end of the meeting, in addition to the regular monthly goals, have everyone commit to one action item they must complete in the next 24 hours. Then use the group chat to check in with each other on the action items.
  3. Goals partner – assign partners for the month, quarter, or year to meet with each other outside the meetings around the goals you committed. 
  4. Social gatherings – many communities that I work with run events for their members every month. Coordinate with your fellow forum mates to attend events together and maybe even have food or drinks before or after.

The value of a forum should never end after the meeting is over. Using even just one of the ideas from above will drastically increase the engagement of your forum between meetings.