Very Structured Process

Very Structured Process

One of the parts of Forum that surprises many people initially is how meetings are very structured. Forum meetings are packed with a lot of content to get through in a short period of time. Without structure, meetings would either run long, or content wouldn’t get addressed.

I often tell people that the Forum meeting itself is meant to be like a board meeting where the goal is to get through the whole agenda on time. Save the side conversations, follow-up questions, tangents, jokes, and personal check-ins for dinner after the Forum meeting. Dinner is where you as a group can let loose and allow the conversation to flow wherever it wants.

In fact, a Forum without structured meetings is one of the 16 Signs Your Forum Might Be In Trouble >

If you struggle with coming up with an agenda for your group, here are several I’ve created:

4-hour meeting >
3-hour meeting >
2-hour meeting >
1.5-hours meeting >