Emergency Meetings

Emergency Meetings

It would be wonderful if all our career/personal/family challenges happened right around the time of our monthly Forum meeting so that we could bring the challenge to the group and get feedback on solutions right away. But that’s not how life works. Life likes to throw curveballs at us at the most unexpected times.

Because these curveballs can happen at any time throughout the month, it’s a good idea for Forums to get used to the idea of an Emergency Meeting.

Emergency Meetings are ad hoc gatherings (virtual or in-person) to specifically focus on one person’s challenge. Skip the warmup, monthly reflection, and goals, and go right into a deep dive on the challenge.

Because there usually isn’t time to do any coaching prior, it’s best to follow the Open Coaching Presentation style (https://bit.ly/3KqrQQa), which allows space in the actual meeting to do the coaching.

Lastly, Emergency Meetings are not mandatory, and there are no penalties or fines if someone cannot make the meeting.