Create An Ideal Member Attributes List

Create An Ideal Member Attributes List

In a prior post, I talked about building a Forum Intro Sheet that you can use to help recruit new members ( One of the sections of this Intro Sheet is a list of key attributes that your group is looking for in a new member.

Here’s an example of attributes my prior Forum used for this section:

  • Is doing cool sh*t in the world as a business owner.
  • Runs, or ran, a company with revenue of at least $1 million
  • Takes an active role in their personal development.
  • Loves to set and work on goals within a group setting.
  • Lives with a growth mindset (vs. fixed mindset).
  • Has a desire to be successful in all areas of their life (Business, Family, Personal); however, also is conscious and aware of the trade-offs in life.
  • Is willing to share at the deepest levels of business, personal, and family to allow themselves to reach new levels of success.
  • Makes changes within their company at the highest levels.
  • Controls their own schedule (e.g., they can walk out of a meeting if they need to)
  • Has a schedule that allows for monthly meetings as well as yearly retreats (see below).
  • Doesn’t do business with or have a business/personal conflict with someone else in the group.
  • Fast and responsive communicator via email or other formats.
  • Is not self-centered and keeps the spotlight on them, and doesn’t trump others to dominate a situation or conversation.
  • Comes from a diverse background and experience, unlike those already in the group.
  • Has experienced growing and scaling a business to something larger than themselves.
  • Has an adventurous spirit and open to challenging themselves and others outside the comfort zone and into the learning zone.
  • No assholes 🙂.
  • No stagnation
  • Is authentic in how they show up in different situations.
  • Is willing to work hard for the team and will raise the tide for everyone and not just themselves.

This list is beneficial to filter out new members. It’s also great when your group needs to create a Member-to-Member Assessment ( because this list should also be used to measure the performance of current members as well. Take each of these attributes and convert them into a question in your group’s assessment.