Don’t Use Slack As Your Forum’s Group Chat

Don't Use Slack As Your

In a prior post > < I talked about the importance of setting up a group communication tool to keep the conversation, connection, and engagement going between meetings. Most Forums use either WhatsApp, GroupMe, Txting, Signal, or Telegram.The conversations that happen in the group chat tend to be things like:

  • Personal Photos
  • Family Events
  • Career Wins/Loses
  • Updates on Goals
  • Jokes, Stories, Follies, Etc

I tell groups NOT to include Forum logistics in the group chat because they will get lost, and it’s hard to track who saw it and/or responded. Instead, send the Forum logistics via email.I also tell groups NOT to use Slack for their group chat because the filter/purpose of Slack is more for work teams to communicate with each other. It’s more of a workplace than a social place, and because of that, people who aren’t “plugged into work 24/7” don’t check Slack as often in the evening, weekends, or holidays. We want the Forum’s group chat to be a place that is checked into regularly, not just during work time.