Yearly Forum Check-Ups

Yearly Forum Check-Ups

During a recent test drive of a Tesla Model Y, I asked the salesperson about the required maintenance to keep all the systems running. He replied with a laugh, “What maintenance?”

Turns out Teslas need very little maintenance beyond a tune-up every year or so.

Forums are similar. They can run on their own, but if you start to see any of the 16 Red Flags ( it might be time for a check-up.

This past weekend I was brought into a Forum that I launched just over a year ago. They wanted help, “getting back on track.”

I prepped for the program by counting how many of the 16 Red Flags they had, which was 10. Typically Forums are in trouble when they start to see 4-5 flags, but 10 is code red!

As a group, we went through the Forum process again. I answered questions and reminded them of the structure. By the end of the meeting, the group was realigned and motivated to keep going.

Is your group in trouble?

Start by counting how many Red Flags you have. Then work with an outside trained Forum facilitator to get you back on track. Done right, this only needs to happen once every year or so… just like a Tesla 🙂.