Should We Hire a Retreat Planner For Our Retreat?

Should We Hire a Retreat Planner For Our Retreat?

The last time my group went on a retreat to NOLA, the member in charge of the retreat sent us a 90-page PDF filled with various unique experiences, restaurants, stories, tours, historical landmarks he has bookmarked over the years. The reason he has a list like this for almost every city in the world is that he loves curating lists like this. I’m guessing you don’t, or you do, but don’t have time.

In either case, this is why hiring a retreat planner might be helpful for your next retreat. Yes, it will require additional funds, but considering most Forums only do one retreat per year for a few days, making the most of each moment is critical.

A great retreat planner will know the local scene. They’ll be able to get you past the lines into the not-so-obvious experiences. They’ll introduce you to local legends who don’t hold court for just anyone. A great retreat planner does more than just book your flight, rental car, hotel, and meals. A great retreat planning will create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave your group changed forever.

Keep in mind that a retreat planner is not the same thing as a retreat facilitator. The retreat planner is more focused on the logistics of what, when, and how. A retreat facilitator is all about the how. Both together can turn a good retreat into an amazing retreat.