2021 Forum Goals Planning Process

2021 Forum Goals Planning Process

As we round into the final month of 2020, most Forums should use this time to build goals for the following year. The goals planning document we use in The Forum Launcher process is based on the Wheel of Life activity, so if your Forum hasn’t done that yet, then I suggest starting there.

The Goals Planning process has five main areas:

  1. Yearly Theme – If you were to summarize what you want the next year to be like for you, what would that theme be? Try to use as few words as possible.
  2. Areas of Focus – What 3-4 areas from your Wheel of Life are you most interested in improving for the coming year?
  3. Goal List – Write down some key actions/goals for each area you circled. These actions/goals should be significant enough that, when completed, you will see a noticeable improvement in that area.
  4. Goal Details – For each goal, fill in the following details:
  • What date will it be completed?
  • What metric are you using to confirm it’s completed?
  • When you complete it, what positive result(s) will happen in your life?
  • What inner blockers might you face in order to complete this goal? (e.g., self-doubt, fear, etc.)
  • What external blockers might you face in order to complete this goal? (Challenging partner, aging parent, etc.)
  • Who/what will help you to stay accountable to complete the goal?
  • When you complete the goal, what can you do to celebrate?
  • List out the weekly actions needed leading up to the due date.

5. Calendaring – Now that you have all your goals with due dates and weekly tasks, it’s time to put that on to a calendar. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that you aren’t overloading yourself during certain weeks or during holidays/vacations.

Most people haphazardly plan their lives week-by-week with very little bigger vision for who they want to be or where they want to go. The Forum Goals Planning Process takes time, but it will give you amazing clarity for the coming year when done right.