Keeping A Quotes Board

Keeping A Quotes Board

“I got here… on a river of tears, but I got here.”

“Sometimes I breathe wrong and go up in pants size.”

“A croissant is about about as risqué as I get for a dessert.”

People say the funniest things…especially when taken out of context, like the three quotes above. Many years ago, I used to carry around a little book where I’d write funny things friends and coworkers would say. I didn’t have any particular intent on when, in the future, I planned to use the quotes, but every time I would share some of them, people loved them.

I’ve since adopted the practice into our Forum and we have our own Quotes Board. It’s become tradition for us, and I continue to be the recorder of the quotes, to this day. We’ve used the quotes to create funny moments during Forums. For example, we may read some to close out a dinner, or even as an activity during a retreat to guess who said each quote.

Keeping a quotes board is now a common practice I suggest for every Forum. The quotes board is not only a fun thing to look back on, but can also be used later as a team bonding activity. The best part is, you can start right now at your next meeting because someone is bound to say something funny!