Coach’s Post-Coaching Worksheet

Coach's Post-Coaching Worksheet

After a presenter and coach wrap up a coaching session, it’s the responsibility of the coach to fill out the Coach’s Post-Coaching Worksheet. The purpose of this form is to finalize the details of the presentation so everyone is in agreement with what will be brought to the next Forum meeting.

Step 1: Answer the following questions:

  • What percentage of this issue (0-100%) is (Business / Personal / Family)?
  • What is the single, most important CORE CHALLENGE the presenter would like to address in this presentation? (1-3 sentences max)
  • What is the single, most important CORE EXPERIENCE SHARE the presenter would like to hear from the group from this presentation? (1-3 sentences max)
  • Are there any scenarios that the presenter says are off limits as far as a possible outcome for the core issue? (e.g. Don’t say to fire someone because that is not an option.)
  • What are 3 obstacles the presenter confronts when facing this core issue?
  • What are 3 feelings the presenter experiences when facing this core issue? What are the causes of each of those feelings?

Step 2: Send the answers to the presenter, who should then look it over and give a final approval or suggest some changes. Sometimes it’s even needed to have a second coaching session to get clearer answers for these questions, but most of the time it just takes one session.

To help make this process easier, I created a Google form that your Forum can copy and use if needed ( Alternatively, you can just answer the questions above in a Word document and send that to the coach.

This process should be completed by the coach AFTER the first coaching session. Once both the coach and presenter agree with what is written in the Coach’s Post-Coaching Worksheet, then they are ready for the Forum presentation.