Who Should Present Next Month?

Who Should Present Next Month

A dreaded decision to make during a Forum meeting is to decide who is going to present at the next meeting. This process isn’t good for a variety of reasons:

  1. It wastes precious Forum time.
  2. Many times no one volunteers.
  3. Presentations tend to focus only on the immediate fires.

The alternative to picking a presenter in the actual Forum meeting each month, is to schedule out all the presentations ahead of time so that each person knows what month(s) they are presenting.

With this process, no time is wasted, no need for volunteers, and because the person going might not have an immediate fire to talk about, they get to dig deeper into more important, but maybe not urgent, topics.

If someone in the group does have a pressing issue that they feel needs to be addressed right away, but aren’t scheduled to present next month, they can always swap places with the person who is scheduled to present.