Pre-Forum Preview

Pre-Forum Preview

Forums typically meet once a month. And even though groups usually have some sort of group chat going between meetings, there is still a lot that happens in 30 days that members won’t know about until the monthly update part of the meeting.

A fun practice to do with your group a few days prior to the Forum is to have everyone share a Pre-Forum Preview in the group chat. The Pre-Forum Preview should be less than three sentences. It gives the group a very high-level overview of what happened for you over the past month…but written in a mysterious way that builds intrigue.

Here are two examples:

“The country life fits me well, but now it’s time to head back to the world’s hotspot. And even though I’m homebound, my face is being projected all over the world.”

“If I have to eat the same thing one more time, I might throw my unfinished book out the window right next to those running shoes I bought but have yet to wear.”