ACTIVITY: Lessons From The Past For The Present

Lessons From The Past For The Present

This process of three questions can have MANY different themes, but given the current COVID-19 situation and so much change happening in everyone’s career and life, here’s a set of three questions that your Forum can process together.To run this activity:

  • First, have the group solo reflect on these three questions:
    • Think of a time in your life when you had to adapt to change?
    • What was a strength or superpower that allowed you to adapt to that change?
    • What’s an important lesson from that moment that matters right now?
  • Then either go right to a large group and have each person share for 3 minutes…
  • Or break up the group into paired shares and give the groups 10 minutes to share total, then come back to the full group and have each person report what they learned/heard from their partner.
  • Closeout with some takeaways from each person.

Shoutout to Jon Berghoff and the team at XChange Community [Members Only] for these questions.