Monthly Reflection Preparation

Monthly Reflection Preparation

Every month, each member of the Forum gets an opportunity to share their reflection on what happened with them over the past 30 days. Each person is usually only given 3-5 minutes to share their 30-day reflection, so the brevity of words and thoughts is key for a Monthly Update, otherwise, you will run out of time. The way to become hyper clear for a Monthly Reflection is by prepping ahead of time.

When I properly prep my Monthly Reflection ahead of time, it takes about 45-60 minutes to review everything, pick the most important stuff, and then write my thoughts and feelings in a concise way that I’ll feel comfortable sharing with the group.

To make sure I’m reviewing all aspects of my life, here are the key places I go to look for what happened over the past month.

  • My Calendar
  • My Journal
  • My Instagram
  • My Fitness Tracking
  • My Business Goals
  • My Personal Goals
  • My finances (personal & business)

You may have different areas you want to look at, but no matter what, the key is to have a system in place as to how you prepare your update.

At this point, my monthly reflection is such a deep part of my normal processing that I look forward to carving out an hour to really do it well.