Activity: Uncovering Your Personality Blind Spots

Uncovering Your Personality Blind Spots

I’ve previously mentioned the Johari Window in this group as a way to better understand the things about us that are true but that we might not know. These are called our blind spots.

Here’s an activity to help facilitate those process that is meant to help Forums dig deep with each other. Note that this process is intended for well established Forums that know each pretty well already:

1) Ahead of time, each team member takes The Johari Window Test and creates a unique URL >

2) Each team member shares their unique URL with each other and do the test for each other.

3) Once everyone has done the test for each other answer these questions about your results:

    • What most surprised you most about the results?
    • What words do you NOT like seeing listed on your results?
    • Is there a discrepancy between what you believe true about yourself and what shows up in your results?
    • What area would you most like to work on to change the results for the future?


4) Print out your results and answers to your question and bring them to the group for reflection.

5) Have each person share their results and reflection for 7-10 minutes each depending on time available.

6) Have the group reflect on each person or ask clarify questions.

7) Close with defined action steps for each person.
Optional – Do the same process but for The Nohari Window >