10 MORE Questions To Use During Presentation Coaching

Two Main Questions

To follow up on my last post with coaching question (https://tinyurl.com/umkbd3j), here are 10 more questions you can use when coaching someone for a presentation:

– Why does solving this situation matter to you?

– What changes in (3,6,12 months) if you are able to resolve this situation?

– Why haven’t you been able to tackle this situation yet?

– What have you tried to tackle this already? What worked? What didn’t?

– Tell me about a time when this situation was actually working and things were going well. What was that like? What was working then?

– What are some things that are off-limits and not an option for you in tackling this situation? (e.g. Divorce, firing someone, closing the business, etc)

– What lie (if any) are you telling yourself about this situation?

– How would the other person describe this situation?

– If you could do it over again, what three things would you do better to have a better outcome?

– Does this situation make you feel embarrassed at all? If so, how and why?

Remember, successful coaching comes from asking the right questions at the right time.