Time Integrity – Starting On Time

Time Integrity

Due to a backed-up 6 train in NYC, I was running late to my Forum meeting. As soon as I got out of the subway, I mentally put on my running shoes, and off I sprinted to make it to the meeting on time. Light snow the night before didn’t help the situation because while I turned a corner, I lost my traction and almost fell. The pedestrians on the corner watched the whole scene go down and clapped as I regained my footing and continued on. I ended up making it to my Forum meeting 10 seconds before our official start time.

I could’ve been late and paid the $50 fine so I didn’t have to run. But the money wasn’t the reason for my determination. I made the final sprint out of respect for everyone else in the group.

Everyone in my group is busy doing 1000 things each day. They all run businesses, have families, and personal life. Their time is just as valuable as mine. If they can make it on time out of respect for my time, then I should make it on time out of respect for their time.

In another post, I’ll share some guidelines around being late but for now, let’s start with the foundation of why being on time matters.